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There are many ways to study the patterns created by the universe’s energy, and astrology is one of them. Astrology studies the positions of the sun, the moon and the planets as they travel across the sky relative to the zodiac: a band of space around the horizon divided into 12 equal signs by ancient Babylonians. These patterns are described in your horoscope, a chart of the planets and stars at the time, date and place you were born.

Natal Astrology

This is what most people understand about astrology. This is drawing a chart showing the positions of the planets in the zodiac at the time you were born. This is essentially your contract of the strengths and weaknesses you agreed to bring into this life as the tools to work with on your karmic journey. Who you are and your place in the world. I include this in every karmic astrology reading.

Karmic Astrology

My speciality is karmic astrology, which looks at the karmic aspects of your natal chart to show what gifts and debts you bring into this life from your past life or lives; how they could hold you back or help you forward in this incarnation; and what goals and aims you need to seek in this life to learn the lessons you agreed to before birth, to progress in this life and grow as a soul. It can help you understand your life purpose and how to move out of repeating, restricting behaviour patterns.

Amanda and I run regular Past Lives and Future Paths Workshops to explore participants' past lives, who they were and where they lived, their karmic burdens and gifts brought into this life, and the lessons they agreed to learn in this incarnation.

Predictive Astrology

This difficult, complex art compares the planets in their current positions in the heavens (transiting planets), with the planets when you were born (natal planets), and the patterns formed between them. There are a number of different systems of predictive astrology, but they all prepare you for the restrictions and obstacles you will face – fore-warned is fore-armed – and the opportunties available to help you progress. I generally provide a two year forecast of major influences you will face.


Horary is a type of astrology that answers particular questions that may be weighing on your mind. This is done by casting a chart for the time the question is asked and interpreting the planets, signs and houses in that chart in particular ways to arrive at an answer. This can be anything from 'when will I meet the partner of my dreams' to 'will my favourite team win their crunch game this weekend?'.

Children's Astrology

For children I provide a bright, fun, illustrated colour chart that outlines the major indications of their natal chart in an informal, entertaining way. These can be framed and make attractive, intriguing and unusual gifts for newborns and children.

Order your chart now

I work online and will send you by email a PDF of your chart and full written interpretations. Each chart is prepared by me personally. Email me with your request, or to discuss my services and fees, at rick@zealcreation.com.au

Past Lives and Future Paths Workshop
" I was fortunate to attend one of Rick's Karmic Astrology workshops and was just so enthralled with his knowledge and his ability to impart such different facets into our current lives, especially coming out of left field! I enjoyed the day so much and had a lot of fun!"
Maria, Perth.

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