Rick Boyd Astrologer
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Rick Boyd Astrologer

I am an astrologer with 35 years' experience studying and practising the ancient wisdom of Western Astrology, and specialising in Karmic Astrology. Karmic Astrology takes a spiritual view of astrology and uses certain features of the birth chart to show the karmic burdens and gifts from previous lives, and the soul's aims and goals to learn lessons in this life.

I offer karmic and other astrology readings online and together with Amanda, have held a series of popular karmic astrology workshops, Past Lives and Future Paths, in recent years.

I am a committee member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers Western Australia and have appeared at Perth's popular Psychic Dinners and the annual Conscious Living Expo.

I live in Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia, with my partner; spiritual medium, healer and clinical hypnotherapist, Amanda.


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